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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Should I create a self-hosted Lustful Literate site?

Alright, my dear readers...

I'm considering trying my hand at self-hosting and taking blogging (and writing, in general) to the next, more profitable, level. I've been thinking and thinking about how to start. Reading, researching, and doing all the boring, behinds the scenes work.

But, what matters in all of this is readership. I know I have what it takes to reach out, network, and get an audience if I really try. But, readers, I pose this question to you. At this point, I've been on "sabbatical" for soooooo long, I'm not sure any of you are still there; however, if I came back to the keyboard, in this venue...or another...what is it that you most like to read about? Is it the short stories that draw you in, the personal experience, the photography, the reviews? What is it that keeps you coming back?

Do you read mostly adult-themed blogs and sex-bloggers, or do you like lifestyle blogs, financial blogs, news? Do you like a site that targets one topic or one that includes information on various subjects? Opinion? Facts? Fiction? Poetry?

In addition, what turns you off of a blog (aside from the writer intermittently disappearing for vague reasons)?

And if I moved...would you follow? Because, this would mean a whole new website. No more Blogger for me. More freedom to allow select advertisements if I chose, and more ownership over my content. It's also a lot of work for no pay (at least until I get the hang of things), on top of my already full-time job, parenting, and being a rather less-than-stellar lover to my husband. It's a commitment. Despite my spotty history with that here, I'm actually a pretty committed individual. You might be surprised.

Anyhow, this has always been a very open, supportive, welcoming community. Sex bloggers and their readers just seem so much less catty than mommy-bloggers and lifestyle bloggers and their often judgmental and competitive readers. And yes, I have some experience over in that camp.

So? What say you? Because it's going to cost a bit of cash to get myself started...and it'd be lovely to at least have a few readers there to greet me when I went live...and to give me feedback as I grew the site.

No promises. Just fierce wonderings...and possibilities. A girl can dream, can't she?

Advice welcome!


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Archive page not working!!!

I know a lot of you use blogger, so I'm asking here since I have no idea where else to go for help!

My archives page only shows posts back to 2014. How do I get it to show ALL posts (back to 2012). If anyone knows the html code to create a page like that, I'd love you forever!!!