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Saturday, June 18, 2016

e[lust] volume #83

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


He looked down at his boots and lifted his foot ever so slightly off of the floor. And then he looked at me. And back to his boot.

It was a simple and silent message. One of those requests that carries traces of both demand and offering. Would I balk? Or would I kneel, without question, and simply do the task that was being asked of me?

This is how D/s "becomes". These little opportunities for rituals to blossom. The important thing is how we approach them and whether we choose to incorporate them into our continuing narrative - our shared story - or not.

Of course I kneeled, though not without raising my eyebrows in question. I'm not that obedient. And while sometimes I feel like I should be, I don't think he'd like me that way.

This was a ritual I could grab onto, however. I grew up taking off my father's Army boots. It was a daily task, just something I did...every day. And it became the basis of many fond memories.

Those boots...

...have become these boots...

And while He isn't my father...He IS my guide...the man I look up best everything.

Funny how a few boot laces can symbolize the ties that bind so tightly.

Such a simple task. But these are the things that relationships are built on.

I laughed a bit, but I untied the laces, loosened them, and tugged His boot off. And then I did the same for the other foot. I looked up at Him. I looked up to Him. And I smiled, happy to take on this task as a new part of our daily ritual. 

I appreciate these opportunities. They make me feel connected to our D/s world even when it seems far away or impossible to maintain...when life is hectic or when I'm stressed to the max or exhausted, these rituals still exist. I can, daily, make the choice to do these things for Him. Because they are as much for me as they are for Him.